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Originally posted by Bad Mr Frosty
I would imagine that the majority of commercial Amiga games (well pretty much every game made within the last 15 years) is written in C with inline assembler for those times when you feel the need for speed.
Actually the majority of Amiga games were written in Assembler. Around 1987/1988 there were a fair number of games churned out which were written in Manx C but I can't think of any really decent game. Games which were system friendly or where speed wasn't critical (eg. Bubble Ghost) can easily be done in C. A few big name games like Populous were also written in C.

Almost everything else was completely assembler. If you are throwing out the operating system, handling all the screen drawing, interrupts, playing back custom music formats and decrunching files there is little point using C.

The main problem with C is that it puts a tremendous amount of data on the stack to do the most trivial of tasks. The code size compared to assembler is also very big and you simply wouldn't get fast scrolling Amiga games like Alien Breed, First Samurai, Project X, Superfrog, Turrican 2...

Off tack slightly, think of AMOS being more like C whereas Blitz is more like assembler. Hence why Blitz can create quite decent speedy arcade style games and AMOS erm, can't
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