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Ok then,

Just to add a few further comments to what Kefren has already covered.

The platform specific idea was the original route were going to take for the revival of GV but we had plenty of offers from the GV mail listabout coding an Amiga version etc.. but when it came to the crunch, nothing happened?

The web based route was the easiest option and is the fastest way of making it cross platform viable (thru any web browser) and the quickest way of getting a first issue out into the big wide world and getting the project noticed!

As K said, we have a guy working on a Win32 version but he has become a father in the last few days so production will be slow on that for the time being.

Mainly what we need NOW is article submission and plenty of it.

Suprised to see Galahad working on a revival idea, I knew nothing about this? Did he receive any articles for it?


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