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Right, let's get this clear now.


GV, at the moment, is web based, it's PHP/MySQL based. You click on the link and there is the index, click on a link and the article comes up. It's so simple, anyone could right it.

The music is the problem, but I have a program we've christened GVEE (the Grapevine Experience Enhancer) which will play the editor's choice of music for that issue. Tacky, but it's pretty good.

PC v1

I started writing the GV software on the PC, but I couldn't spend the time on it I wanted to finish it properly.

PC/Linux v2

We now have someone working on the PC and Linux editions. I've got to get round to the graphics for it, but that is in hand.

Amiga v1

Someone volunteered to do an Amiga edition, it was going OK until we discovered it was a hack of the World Charts code. Not heard anything so I'm guessing it's dead now

Amiga v2

If Galahad codes it, we'll simply take the web edition, put in any color codes needed and release it that way. Same goes for the PC edition really.

Any other format is up for grabs, no plans for any other computer at the moment.

The most important thing is to get issue one out, to make people aware we are around again, and maybe that'll shake the bone idleness out of people.

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