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I don't think things have changed that much from the amiga age, but what has changed has changed for the better.
Back in the days, good developers made good games, and bad devs made crap games.

There where lots of bad games that didn’t use the hardware as it should have, all those multi platform ST>amiga crap, RPG from pc >amiga (Sierra)conversions or rushed before christmast releases. These didn’t use the hardware and most of them have even worse gameplay..
When there finally where som grames that really pushed the hardware the comment all to often was, good graphics, crap gameplay.

All of the driving game conversions could have been great if the programmers had the code base used for lotus TC.. think of chase HQ or outrun europe using that.
Today its possible to do just that with engine licenses. While its not the holy grail of cut n paste game production and do generate a lot of clone fps crap it does work.
And when it works it works great because not all of the time was spent re inventing the wheel. Som of the best games out are “game engine” licenses Knights of the old repubic , system shock, deus ex, planescape torment.

It all goes back to the good/bad dev thing. The difference today is that the artistic skills can be put to use much better since most of the hardware limitations are gone.
Oh.. and the multi platform conversions are still crap, and not using the hardware as they should. Metalgear solid 2 at 10 fps

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