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i think places like AmigaMos died out because of *places* hosting the tosec collection, before the TOSEC collection came i about, i was always checking sites through AmigaMos, mainly to see if any new release had been uploaded...

before TOSEC i had 5 CDs packed full with Amiga "ROMZ" lol, my collection was created by visiting all these sites.... yeah call me a leecher... but i didn't sell my collection on, if anything i shared out my collection (and to a point still do).... and this was done with a 56k modem!!!

if you ran a site that had lists of Amiga fansites, then that would be pretty cool, but on the admin side, i would check to make sure the sites weren't dead from time to time...

i probably wouldn't run a toplist or whatever, i think we are above this kinda thing nowadays.

with such a good url, i would try to collect as much technical, historical information about the Amiga as well as having links to good fansites.... try to go for a broad selection of topics...
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