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Originally posted by Akira
I was not saying anything about MosMensk, I just recall the site having that topten filled with lamers like Godflesh begging in their site so they get voted.

I didn't said "The Amigamos site was shite", I said it was an excuse for lame romkiddies to get their promotion.
Maybe a small clause would have explained it?
" get public and leechers by appearing in the top-ten there"
How the fuck can I know that you're referring to the top-ten?
Am I Christ and am I able to memorize each and every site in every detail?

I think you better start some comprehension classes.
I will (honestly), as soon as *you* assure to start some decency classes. But I bet you won't; for playing the role of the "EAB mosquito" is undoubtedly a more exciting thing, isn't it.
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