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Originally posted by Unknown_K
I like 2d for rts games, going 3d limits you on how many units you can have on the screen because of computing power. 3D was nice for fps, but games like doom which had dozens of monsters on the screen (2d game) cant really be done in 3d these days unless you have a very high end machine.
I take it you have not played Serious Sam? That game had a INSANE number of enemies on screen in some places. There must have been times there were over 50 all trying to nobble you.

I would imagine that the majority of commercial Amiga games (well pretty much every game made within the last 15 years) is written in C with inline assembler for those times when you feel the need for speed.

I don`t really think the programming language has much to do with the quality of the final product, I you already a proficient programmer picking up a new language is a trivial task. If you are a crappy programmer though and write inefficient code then it`s not really going to make a difference if you write in C or PASCAL.

Just remember anyone can program, few can program well.
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