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Originally posted by Akira
Why do you regard the new hardware as better? What makes it better?
Because it can draw millions of polygons per second. That means that new machines can do 3D very well. It doesn't mean that they can't do 2D at all. A polygon can easily be drawn across two dimensions instead of three.

You're complaining about hardware instead of design. Designers could still make 2D games, but it's unlikely that they would want to and more unlikely that the suits would go for it. 2D games look rubbish in screenshots compared to 3D games, and good screenshots sell games.

Anyway, most 3D games are in 3D for realism. How about Gran Turismo of Half-Life in 2D? That would just be ludicrous.

The 2D game-space is very limited compared to 3D. That's not to say that people don't want to play 2D games; look at the size of the retro scene, and look how well Advance Wars sold on the GBA. But the gameplay style is completely different, and current trends indicate that 3D will outway 2D for quite some time. It's possible that a game will be released in 2D and sell loads, causing a big rush of 2D releases, but it's doubtful given the current mentality of game publishers.
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