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Originally posted by Akira
Why do you regard the new hardware as better? What makes it better?

I don't think 2D has been pushed to death though, I think it can give a lot more.

Your last paragraph scares me. will we have to wait until the hardware R&D depts think enough is enough for people to start making great, fun games?
I was talking about the hardware. 2D hardware has been pushed to perfection as far as scrolling, color depth, usable resolution, etc goes. I havnt heard of anybody complaining on how slow the screen refreshes in excel or how long it takes to scroll down the screen in word. Any chipset made these days will do 2d just about perfectly. Its not like somebody cant come up with a better space invaders game in 2d but developers dont think there is a market for it and therefore there isnt a market for it because nobody is working on a 2d space invaders.

3D isnt anywhere near as polished as 2d is. Textures sizes have changed over the years, massive amounts of memory have just recently been affordable, framerate at high resolutions is still being improved, detail in models is still improving, the tools for making curves and splines are still not perfected (remeber when everything in the building was just a straight line?), hardware lighting is still being improved, 32bbp color has only been the norm for the last 4 years or so, etc. Most of the effort in games these days is taken up by tweeking the 3d engine (and tweeking online multiplayer gaming) and adding new features to it. Once you perfect the 3d engine so that it runs perfectly on all the current computers then people will spend more time with gameplay instead of resolving 3d issues.

Even back in the 2d era there were alot of totally crappy games out, we just tend to remember the best and the absolute worst of them and not the majority of lame releases. Quite a few early 3d games were nothing more then tech demo's to me but there are quite a few classics in the bunch.

I personaly love what some games have done with 3d audio and video along with online play against humans, things that were not around when 2d games ruled the early computers. Its the combination of 3d fps and online play that has caused developers to tune a game for online play instead of the me vs computer player that most of us were used to before the internet and 3d came about. I still play Age of Kings : the Conquerors (2d rts) on the PC all the time even though the game has been out for many years, the online 4v4 action can not be beat and no other game I ever played has had an affect on me like the the Age of Empires series. How many old games do you play 3 or more times a week for 3 years straight? I played Unreal Tournament (3d fps) for years on the internet, and Tribes (also 3d fps) before that for years.
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