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Originally posted by Korodny
The Prometheus is (currently) incapable of "bus mastering". The manufacturer (Matay) always promised to fix that soon and that it could be fixed by a "firmware upgrade".

I don't know Matay's current state (e.g. if they're still active, supporting the Amiga etc.), but the Prometheus is now on sale for 2-3 years and the problem is not fixed yet. There's a new american distributor who makes promising claims, but I wouldn't purchase one before that problem is definitely solved.

Without bus mastering, the only cards you'll ever be able to use with the Prometheus are gfx cards (mainly the Voodoo3/4/5 cards, perhaps OS4's Radeon driver will be released for OS3), and 10mbit NICs. No sound cards, no TV cards, no 100mbit NICs, no USB.
Not true. Matay have been offering the firmware upgrade since early last year, so presumably new boards produced since then will be fine. According to their FAQ, they will upgrade old boards from 2001/02 free of charge if you send them in. However, busmastering functionality doesn't change the fact that driver support for the Prometheus is poor. Things were looking up with OpenPCI drivers for sound cards etc. being in the works for the Prometheus board, but apparently the coder got a real job and they were never finished.
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