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Originally posted by bippym
You know whats funny..

I got an Email of DazzABoy as we have been chatting on BBS's etc for years

Small World
Yeah he's an editor, I just edit his editing


I'll have to have a word with the GV commitee (ha!) and ask what is going to happen in the future.

I have a half finished PC GV engine, and if I pushed myself enough I could write an AGA edition on the Amiga.

BUT at the moment I've got my own work to do, and so GV has taken a back burner for the moment, but it's basically all done.

Yes it is hard to write articles, some of the crap I read of mine in ye olde grapevine is horrific, and I ain't got any better in the intervening years, so I stick to the technical stuff.

We are open to suggestions and comments, sensible ones anyway, and it will progress soon enough but ffs we ain't even got an issue out yet
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