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Originally posted by andyr
Certainly has been a long time m8!

Xbox - emulates Amiga really well and there's a ton of Amiga stuff on my xbox HD. Wouldn't say it emulates better than the PC though!

I produced a disk a couple of years ago, initially for PC illiterate friend but the disc did the had 40 of the (IMO) best games from these systems...

Master System
Arcade (MAME)

Basically, you clicked on the name of the game and it then displayed instructions for play and then ran.

Back in th 56k days, it would have taken an age to d/load the titles but today, most people who are interested would probably have the titles.

Anyway, good to hear you're still about m8!

What i meant was more games seem to work....UAEX seemsto be based on the dos version rather than windows....this means games like robocop3.....and many others that failed to work on winuae will work on xbox....give a few you couldnt get working a go

As for speed......well its about the same as a real 1200......3d stuff IE.... AB3D still runs like a dog
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