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Originally posted by Enverex
Still no GeForce PCI support though, which is kind of silly as they are easy to find and faster than the others. Ok, so nVidia are a bit lousy with their source, but I'm sure it could still be a achieved...
On the PCI it's not much faster than the Voodoo 5500 (if at all). Also, even a Voodoo 3 is fast enough to outrun a PPC Amiga so you're not going to see much increase going to anything faster.

As for Elbox support, it's top notch. I bought a 4xEIDE'99 and got what I thought was a bad disk. I emailed and recieved a response (with the driver attached) within 8 hours, ON A WEEKEND!

I looked at the Prometheus because of the price, but the lack of driver support (even though it's an open system), bus master issue, and the awful way it attaches (ie. hangs inside) made me choose a Mediator.
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