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Originally posted by manicx
I agree. GP32 is not something special. A limitation that GP32 people fail to mention is its memory. It's not enough to emulate certain consoles/mame. Oh, and the ST emulation was not as good as people say...
Hear hear Thierry, since when do you have an informed opinion on Castaway on the GP32 ManicX? You dont even own one! Its only some of the sound thats lacking.

Id rate the emulation of platforms on the GP32 as follows:

C64: 8/10
CPC: 5/10
GBx: 8/10
GENS: 4/10
LYNX: 3/10
MSX: 8/10
NES: 8/10
PCE: 6/10
SMS|GG: 8/10
SNES: 7/10
ST: 8/10
ZXS: 7/10

Alright, not perfect but not bad nonetheless. The GP32 IS something special compared to the GBA, its nearest competitor. I have no regrets plumbing for the former over the latter.

Yer, one year on maybe Id now buy a Zodiac - but so what?
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