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New version fixes memory problems when minigl is re-started as one would do while changing screen modes or going multiplay (happens quite often).

"Probably" windowmode scissoring now works in real Amigas. WinUAE now shows fps on top and more or less the missing graphics (still some issues with Wazp3D).

Sky rendering now is visible for 68k WinUAE emulation (With minigl memories issues fixed is quite solid now).
Portals/mirrors work now with fastsky.

Warpos gcc version had some bug for quite some time that didn't allow downloading paks needed from multiplayer servers. Turned out to be rename() C function in warpos newlib.
Now "mostly" all is good providing you erase q3config from old mods dirs if you failed before to download a pack. Still some bugs there no matter the compiled version: Is prefered to have automatic downloading in menu game settings.

Note: Some mods put their paks on baseq3 and those bypass the "normal" paks .....

Still known problems: 68k version "bots" behaviour and some vm failures.
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