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Re: Re: Before MAME..there was Champs EM!

Originally posted by FromWithin
Actually, according to the history on that very website, these are recreations. They are not emulations. The author created the games from scratch because they were no versions available for the PC at the time.
I did not really put it correctly. I struggled to, but did not quite make it. Emulation in the english language means to copy. In our (gamers) usage it means the exact image/duplicate, because a rom of say, Zelda for the NES is the exact copy or dump of that game byte for byte.
I guess it was better to say he was emulating the game the way a young football player emulates his hero on a professional club.

I appreciate your input, it is clearer than what I originally stated!

Besides that..did you try the games? They are amazingly well crafted!
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