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Originally posted by manicx
Oh, and the ST emulation was not as good as people say...
[begin rant]

Castaway the ST emu is freaking excellent... yeah so the sound isnt 100% but I can play an absolute shiteload of great AtariST games properly... and not at 1/3 the speed.

In my opinion comparing a PDA to the GP32 is like comparing a pda to a laptop. The GP32 is a games machine and nothing more and it does its job well. The Zodiac is the system balancing on the line between PDA/Game machine.

I strongly doubt the GP32 will ever get any MAME past 84-85 working 100% let alone a smooth GBA emu... But I don't think perfect SNES and Megadrive emus are out of the question and just a matter of time... obviously they won't support everything like massive games and CD games.

[end rant]
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