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I used to have the same problem. Here's what you do:

Go to Aminet and look for a file called Fixlha. What happens is your browser doesn't recognize the extension and for some reasons, appends data to the file (or something like's explained in the docs). It happens with LZX files, as well. Fixlha will restore the file to its original sheen.

Note that the prgram is uncomfortably tricky to use (I think you have to execute a script, as I recall). If you are using IE, I dunno the fix, but I use Netscape and was able to go in and set the filetypes for LHA and LZX files so that when I click on a link with one of these files on the other end, it automatically pops up a requester to download. This means the system knows the filetype and that extra data doesn't get appended.

I hope this helps. It's gotta be the solution, methinks.
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