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I think Wildstyle did some "silly" things, the "scene" hated the guts out of him so he quitted. Haven't seen him around here for years, I think he's maintaining some CPC site or something. I'll check, his username here was "Malc" or something like that. Yup, here's his info

And here's his last post:

It's funny coz I have the "Resurrection" CD besides me now, a friend of mine gave me a Speccy as a late birthday present and we were grabbing games from your compilation to transfer to the Speccy!

So I checked this thread and saw your name and thought "fucking hell, some coincidence!".

Since I am not into emulation anymore,specially not into harvesting ROMs and shite from the net, your CDs proved very useful all january when I was working on the road with my iBook. I had good games to play on the bus

Cheers, nice to have you around.
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