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Originally posted by Akira

Remember me? from the old Emulation Talk board?

I remember I helped you out with some matter and you kindly sent me two of your CDs (which have a frontend like this one, nice to see you are still making them ), Resurrection and MAME vs SNES!

At leat I think you are the same dude, this Amiga Tribute CD looks way too similar to the CDs I have.

If you are other Synchro, tell me to "sod off, loonie"
Yep its the one and the same........Hows it going mate....some old names starting to pop up here......Thought you guys would be long gone by now......Glad you reminded me about the other CD,s.......perhaps i could get them uploaded to the retro section......Seems a waste to have those sitting in the side as well

Whatever happened to McWildstyle

For those who are wondering heres some pics of the CD's Akira is talking about .....if anyone wants to point me in the right direction
i will see if thier interested
Again they all run from CD !!!!!

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