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Originally posted by Djay
Shadow of the beast an arcade game????!!!! i would of thought more of platform/adventure game.... yes, the graphics were great but the gameplay was a fairly standard affair... i can think of few games that a much more advanced, and still using the power of the A500.
Well, the classification of the game as an arcade game may be debatable, but to milk 50 fps out of the machine with all of the large sprites, the heavy use of parallax scrolling, etc., Psygnosis wasn't likely to be able to code it in AMOS Pro, or even C, and that was really my point. I expect this must have been done using assembler, and a few nifty coding tricks besides. As for gameplay, I'd agree that there are plenty of other games that have much better gameplay, though many of them didn't pose the same performance issues due to somewhat simpler displays.
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