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Originally posted by Djay
ain't that the truth... halo was complete tripe, must have been a direct port of the x-box version (aka 3yr old PC)
Funny you should mention Halo. In a sense, the X-Box version was a port of the PC version though, and not the other way around. Before the X-Box ever came out, Halo was being developed for the PC, but not by Microsoft. I believe the name of the company was Bungie, but I'm not sure of that. PC games magazines that were reporting on their advance peeks at the game were saying that this game was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, and warnings were already starting to go out to let people know that they might need to upgrade their graphics cards and/or processors. I was beginning to become concerned that my PIII/500 wasn't going to be able to handle it, since as I recall they were recommending something beefier.

Right at this time, Microsoft was preparing to come out with the X-Box, and they wanted to make sure they had a "killer game" available when it was released to help them sell the boxes. They bought out Bungie (or whoever the developer was) in order to acquire Halo and it's development team, at which point they announced that Halo would (for the moment anyway) be an X-Box exclusive release. Now that they've gotten pretty much all the mileage out of it that they can as far as helping to sell X-Box, they've released it on the PC. If it had been released on the PC when it should have been, it would have been "state of the art", but now it doesn't quite measure up anymore.
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