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Originally posted by Enverex
Just a correction, but do you mean "A1200s with 020s" rather than "030s".

But yeah, lots of the things now are just so wasteful it is stupid. I mean look at Halo, that ran like crap on some of the best machines, and it didn't even look good.
ain't that the truth... halo was complete tripe, must have been a direct port of the x-box version (aka 3yr old PC)

game designers normally develop or buy a 3d engine, then just roll out games using that engine...

bullfrog designed a great (for the time) 3d engine for Magic Carpet, but then used that 3d engine for wipeout clone (name escapes me)... needless to say the wipeout clone was crap, because the engine didn't suit the style of game.
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