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I got a GP32FLU.

I agree, its 8-bit emulation is great, but the Zodiac does now seem to be gaining momentum what with GP32 emu developers defecting to it

I mean, they say that as both share similiar CPUs that development on one benefits the other, but I remain sceptical. I suspect that Yoyo, Rlyeh and Skeezix (now that they all own one) have already decided to move on. A real pity too, especially as CPC emulation hasnt been done yet

Nevertheless, the Zodiac still has a high reliance upon paid for emulators which is abhorrent to me. Still, judging by the exchange rate of the dollar paying £160 for a Zodiac 1 or £220 for a Zodiac 2 its beginning to become good value when you compare it to the price of a GP32 FLU at which is £125. would take a lot for me to jump ship especially when FromWithin here mentions the Sharp Zaurus and then theres the PSP and the next GBA on the way.
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