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Originally posted by FromWithin
Ah the Towns. Quite a beast for its time, actually. It was basically a PC with a built-in CD-ROM and "proper" graphics. We did Microcosm and Scavenger IV on it. Beast 2 came out on it as well. Can't remember what else. I've still got my original of Microcosm for it. I've got a vague recollection of it having some graphical O/S that ran on top of DOS, but it was all in Japanese so none of us could understand it. We had loads of the things because Fujitsu was paying us a ton of cash to develop for it. They all got binned when we moved buildings.

A bit later, a smaller console version was released called the Marty. It looked very similar to the CD32, except white.

There's some info on the net if you search, and emulators are available.
Would it be fair to say that it was Psygnosis's R&D into the FMTowns/CD-Rom games development area that did more to first attract Sony's interest in ultimately buying the company? It presumably would've had more awareness there than Commodore's aborted efforts with the CDTV must've had?
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