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Originally Posted by ma693541 View Post
If you own an Lenovo PC like me, it's p*in in the *ss to play all the multi-ADF games that use the diskshifter activated by keystrokes, because we have to press one key extra to swap disks, namely the "Fn" key.
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Yeah, I can see how laptops where you have to press <Fn> to enable certain keys would be a pain. The only suggestion I have is to remap <End> to another key via WinUAE.
Ok, so I've remapped <End> --> <F11> for you, download here.

Save this into the "C:\WinUAE\Configurations\Host" directory.

Now, there's way to set this so that runs when you load any configuration... unfortunately I've forgotten how with some of the GUI changes.

I've PM'd Toni so once I have the answer I'll post back

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