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Well that's a fuck in the arse and a half. I would try to contact Galahad, but now that he's got a busy life as a PO, I doubt he can mbark into the project. And I know Codetapper has enough projects of his own as to get into a new one.

None of the democrews are willing to help?
Like I said, I've contacted Galahad, with a request for some of Dark's graphics which were left over from GV22. Heard nothing, so I've had to do them, along with Sarek (ex-Nerve Axis).

I contacted Virus666/Scoopex and he agreed to do some graphics, heard fuck all again.

Only crap I've had from the scene is emails like "can't wait to read it!". Hmmm don't understand the concept of having to write the fucker in the first place.

Let me put it in perspective, if each member of this board wrote ONE article a year, we'd have enough for 10 issues.
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