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Look at Galahad's original message, he talks about helping the "amiga scene".
I'm nothing to do with Galahad's attempt at reviving it, this is a seperate attempt. if no one from the "Amiga scene" wants to volunteer to write an Amiga engine, that is hardly my fault.

I dunno who have gotten the project now but the decision about scrapping theAmiga, the platform where it originated, is terrible.
It's fuck all to do with us scrapping the Amiga, it's the fact that we DON'T have Amiga programmers. I'd be more than happy for this to be released on any platform, but with noone else here to work on it, we're fucked.

It's bad enough trying to get articles from this so called "scene", so the chances of Amiga coders coming forward is next to none.

Would love to be proved wrong.
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