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Originally posted by FromWithin
GBAs are excellent: There are some great games, and that is the most important thing for a games machine. The game industry in general seems to give it no credit as a real platform though and treats it as a resource stream where the game quality doesn't really matter. The GP32 doesn't really have new games, and although it is a marvellous beast, the emulators are not really fast enough in general. I got a Zaurus SL-C750 instead. It was £300 quid in Tokyo 8 months ago (cheaper now), and the NES/SNES/GB/GBC emulators runs at full speed. UAE runs about 1/3 of an A500.

I'd still recommend getting a GBA, although it might be worth waiting for the DS.
True. The limitation of GP32 is not the CPU but it's memory. Besides, GP32 production stopped a while ago. Although it has support from independent developers, the official games suck big time. Zaurus SL-C750 is a marvelous piece of hardware. I am jealous FromWithin ....
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