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Originally posted by Mark Wright
A very British thing, though. For teenage Amiga owners in 1992 it was technically poor but cosmetically excellent.
I have to agree with you there. At the time it was f**king amazing to me & my friends. But then again after munching on, swallowing and inhaling various substances in those years the simple act of slowly opening and closing cupboard doors or looking at the light reflecting in floor tiles was amazing !

I recently sat through it all now I have a up-to-spec PC and realised just how tiring and over-long it is. Still, the highlights for me (and what still make me chuckle) are the Rolf's Cartoon Club and Muppets samples.

There's been much better demos and much better music produced on the Amiga but this demo will still have a place in the hearts for those who where there (maybe just physically there) at the time.
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