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new files tested

Tried a few new files. Downloaded these files from the
official sites.
Mui, miami, voyager and amirc. All failed.
Now I don't think the problem is in the files.
I have downloaded them to my dos based pc and transferd
them to my amiga using crossdos.

My bet is my pc knows i'm throwing it in the dumpster as
soon as I can get my Amiga connected to the internet...

I could always try uncompress the files on my pc and then
compress them with for example zip. But since it's dos
based I would have to rename a few files...

Hmm, I'll try that soon enough tough...


Ok now I know you DON'T want to uncompress Amiga archives
under dos. It takes just about every file it finds and
overwrites with the next... Stupid 8+3 file names...

I just don't understand why the files gets corrupted. All
I do is download them to my pc and put them on a disk...

Well, well. Soon I'll throw both the pc and the Amiga
trough the window. (Naah, I couldn't do that to my Amiga

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