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New build has been released:

-Input buffering for Input Up and Input Fire: Save input for some frames.
Configure it in input screen.
-New condition Grounded that allows Coyote time or edge tolerance.
-Old Grounded and Not Grounded triggers are not invalid but deprecated.
-New action trigger Enable SFX that allows to turn on/off the sound effects in
the game.
-New action trigger Set NTSC to change display to PAL or NTSC.
-In RP Editor the gap between the game display and the editor display has been reduced.
-FIX: When changing the level the tab displayed could be wrong.
-FIX: Sprite background was not cleaned properly when loadgin a new project.
-FIX: For games without tiles, the palette was wrong.
-FIX: HUD elements could have some flickering when values changed too fast.

Video showing a couple of new features: [ Show youtube player ]
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