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Originally posted by Peanutuk
As far as I am aware no 'crack houses' released games with full colour box and manuals?
You didn't say whether you bought your copy brand new or used. If it was a secondhand copy, people have been known to copy cracked execs on to the original disks (to bypass cumbersome protection) and then sell them at a later date without mentioning it to the buyer.

Anyway I don't have it anymore so it's a bit pointless arguing.
Didn't know it was an argument. I was looking at it as HOL research, especially since I did the last update on Leader Board. Would be good to know if there was a first release of the game without dongle protection. CAPS might also be interested to know about it if they haven't dumped it yet. However, since you don't have your copy anymore you are right.....the discussion is a bit pointless.

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