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Originally posted by TheBoss
Exactly what I had in mine im glad we undertand eachothers I know a php database programmer and he has done tonz of databases at his work so I plan on him to help me later when I want to add a database but first thing first, website up and lotza happy happy joy joy amiga users
Thats ok then. I just had a horrible feeling you were intending on doing it all via static, and it really is hell of alot more work as you are just constantly repeating yourself all the time. When the pages are set up to grab database info, you just let the users to what they want with the info so it isn't a problem as the info isn't just stuck in particular pages. It is also HELL of a lot easier to maintain as all of the pages update themselves whenever you say, add a game, or change something else. I'm just basically warning you to save you lots of time.
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