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It has always been my nr 1 aim to get hosted on a network that is Amiga related and DiscreetFX is afterall amiga related. Next best thing is of course a gaming related network but so fare none of those has accepted us yet, and its not like there are many of them that’s free unlimited to choose among which is a must for our plans.

I would think Pyro remembers the 2 old Amiga music sites I mention on the website, thus knows exactly what we are aiming to become and not to mention we already have a layout to show him. I’m sure by attracting lots of visitors, mostly from the Amiga community, DiscreetFX will get an increased exposure to their name which can only be positive.

As for the legal concern. I would be more worried that a site like Jambo gets in trouble for linking none legal Amiga sites or for that matter, sites like Amiga L33tz or Amiga Island for having commercial software online then a site offering soundtracks from games rather then full games like most Amiga sites as chosen to do so.

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