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Nice info about classicgaming Akira i never knew this. They havent accepted me yet but they said it was an interesting project and they outlined a few things i needed to have in order before they can accept me. They require wast amount of info for each soundtrack featured online and currently we are working out exactly what this wast amount of info should be... I havent heard from them in 4 days now so Its a bit slow communicating with them...oh well. Just to be on the safe side I have contacted other potentional hosts a few days ago.. Already have 1 on the hook but it has banners top and under so its only for last usage!

Maybe I should make a poll about this 128/192kbps question as alot have a different opinions on the subject I will of couse only make mp3 files of the CDTV/CD32 games I have with CD audio.
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