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Re: The Best Game Music In the World!

128kbps is enough for music that comes from an Amiga.

It feels strange that Classsicgaming has accepted your entry, if I was you I would, just in case, find a possible second route to free unlimited hosting, since they forbid me to have any possibly copyrighted material in our site, that includes roms and video game soundtracks. So be careful, this guy might not know about the regulations of teh Gamespy network. Sounds stange being that he works in there, but it happened to me. Gamespy don't pay much attention to Classicgaming really, and they will put whomever up there to run it. Actually, that network has been headkless for years, dunno if someone now runs it. Be careful. He might agree on having your site online and someday you might receive a mail from him or any other Gamespy representative saying that the material you posses has to be taken down for possible copyright infringement.

ALSO, you will have to upload ALL archive files (ie all yoru music) to FilePlanet, which is a right PAIN IN THE ARSE to get into, unless you register and all that lame shit.

I would avoid classicgaming. It used to be THE place to do this kind of thing, but nowadays, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Just my 2 pence, have in mind I do not talk from my rear end, I've been having a site on and dealing with Gamespy for about 5 years, and I know how it all changed because I've seen it change radically :P
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