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AGAConv 0.9.5 is out!

It has now also an option to compute the ratio for a converted video. However, please read the section on "Monitor Ratio Issues" and check the video ratio on your respective monitor mode setting. It's easy to get it wrong.

0.9.5 also integrates ham_convert now and allows to convert to HAM8/HAM6/EHB. However, note that HAM conversion is by about a factor of about 20 (also depends on the options) slower. Hence, it's best to test first with the default options, and then try HAM. But it looks very good.

There is also a little tool available that allows to automatically crop black borders in height (for example if a video has 2.35 ratio), autocropy.


There are many more options now, but you can actually use less
./agaconv-script --in=myvideo.mp4 --out=myvideo.cdxl

AGAConv now automatically determines the frame rate of the original video (and by default) limits it to 25. However, if it has less (like 24) it will use 24!

And make sure to check the video ratio, there are also new options for monitor-mode and scale-factor to address differences in modes and setups (to address 5:4, 4:3 ratio and fill/aspect settings on LCD monitors)

And one more thing: the script is now called agaconv (and no longer agaconv-script). This should make everybody type less

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