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Originally posted by Chuckles
It was a tough decision, but I also had to vote for Marble Madness. Of all of those games, that was the one that I probably got the most play out of when it first came out though, so that gives it a slight edge for me. There were a few other '85 titles that weren't listed, but I don't think I'd rate them as high as most of what was on the list.

One thing I'm not real clear on though is this one - Colossal Adventure. Is this just another one of the many implementations of the original "Adventure" that have been done over the years?
I posted a thread prior to this asking for nominations, but got few replies :-( if your complaining about missing games I'm sorry but I didnt play them all. Next time I'll try and get a bigger list. Thanks to all who have voted so far.
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