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Originally posted by 7-Zark-7
I tried WinUAE 08.14.r3 Amigaboy-no matter what modes, colours, etc. it's still a tad too slow & sound's too choppy on Win98, I have to stick 2 WinUAE 08.8r8. I'll be curious to see WinFellow if they ever make a stable version.
That’s odd. It is the other way around for me. With WinUAE 08.8r8 sound's too choppy on Win98, WinUAE 08.14.r3 or r1 runs fast and stable with perfect sound with buffer set to 3.

Anyway on the new WinUAE 08.17r1 turning off centring with the res. set to 800x600 has stopped it crashing back to desktop all the time on my machine as discovered in the problems thread. I still find winuae 17r1 to slow for my machine but at least it is working now.
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