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The Best Game Music In the World!

A legend is about to be reborn The Best Game Music in the World is about Amiga Game Soundtracks and will provide game music from the Amiga in MOD format (playable on most audio players like winamp) and also in MP3 format. I plan to feature well over 500 songs, all from 1985 to 1996. We are 2 working on this project. Me as head designer and a nice girl named Nina I study with who has a little retro fever inside her

Since I require a large free host with unlimited on everything basically I have been in contact with Martin Goldberg from classicgaming. He is positive over the project but says he wants more contence for a launch then there is now among other things. We are in correspondence over email and still working out details but we're very motivated by his reply earlier today.

However we greatly require help with the pre launch of the site. Mainly I'm asking for help in writing mini intro’s for the games that will have their soundtrack featured online. If you help us launch this project, we will be very greatfull and you will of course be credited on the site. You can write about any game that is not featured with a review on the site already.

If you visit my temp site down under you can enter the top 10 CD32 soundtracks and see how I plan the reviews to be like. Currently there is 10 reviews but I have a feeling classicgaming will request at least 50 soundtracks with full info before launching the site.

So what ya think of the idea guys? Your help Will make The Best Game Music In the World!
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