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Any reason why your power supply on the server is mounted on the 5.25" drive bay area?
I dug that case out of the trash, and built the machine out of spare sparts laying around. It was an old pentium pro gateway machine, and the power supply wouldn't fit in the normal spot, but it fits almost prefectly in the drive bay area. I even had to cut the back plate off for the motherboard.

I don't understand why people need to have their server machines with their case lid off. Is it a worldwide fashion thing?
Yeah. I call it Derelict

What are the specs? And what is that wallpaper?
My main machine is a Asus p4p800 with a 2.6c p4, 512meg ram, an 80gig harddrive, an el cheapo geforce2 mx, and a dreamcast hooked up to a tv tuner card and the serial port.

The server is an Athlon XP 1800 with some super cheap motherboard ( it's pc bits or something), 512ram and a 40gig harddrive. I mainly use it to host Battlefield: Desert Combat games. The background is
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