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Originally posted by Akira
Unknown is absolutely RIGHT, Apple's upgrade cycles are around 6 months, every 6 months an upgrade is expected (and delivered). You can't keep up with shit, not on Mac, not on PC, anywhere.

I woudln't way, what the G5 brings is powerful enough for me, it wold last me many years to come. I would wait a bit more as to avoid some possibly dud machines, first ones probably had many issues. Why can't Apple get their shit straight? This price reduction mania is making them deliver products in a rushed way and they end up in shit like this whole iBook fiasco. A friend of mine bought an early 12" Powerbook and she got burned, the combo drive had to be exchanged TWICE already (and it happened in two consecutive weeks!), and it overheats like hell.
Just like every other computer company, apple is cutting corners in the quality department to make more money. I think the days that apple computers will last forever or hold their value are coming to a close. Every new version of OSX excludeds another series of older PPC machines (compared to my PM 8500 that ran everything from OS 7.5.3 to 9.1 without hacks). As fas as notebooks go even the original titanium units had problems with their quality. So much for "think different".
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