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Originally posted by Oscar Castillo
Just realized you have a Sun mousepad? You also into Unix?
Nope not really, but I know how Linux/BSD and such work, I got it from a friend who worked at Ericsson. He took lots of things from there. Im probably going to get a new mouse pad though. I wanted a frosted glass one, but I fear it will be to hard on my wrist

I got a great price for my TFT at the time I got it. . I think 2 years or more ago... Nowday its a bit small. So for the Gameroom2k5 screenshot I will hopefully have a 20+ inch TFT to show off (been looking at 20 inch Apple screens)

Also I have been looking out for the new slim Apple G5 USB keyboard that looks awesome. But I havent decided if I should give up using my excellent IBM keyboard from 1988.
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