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Originally posted by Oscar Castillo
How long you had that iBook Akira? I thought about getting a Powerbook instead of a G5, but considering what the Powerbook costs, I'd rather spend the money on a desktop.
I'm on the verge of having to make up my mind for either a 12" Powerbook or a desktop G5.

I've had my iBook for 14 months already, and all I think about now is that Logoc Board shit... Apple has been delivering dud iBooks for months, and ho-hum! I bought my iBook between those months. I hope she doesn't fail, because I cannot replace nor repair it if it happens!

So far she's been a great girl, very reliable and good all round. Today I had to reinstall it all from scratch because I got sick, SICK of Panther. Too slow on my machine and ridden with bugs. Since I cannot give up Exposé (:P), I ended up making a tri-boot setup: OS9, (what for? just because I can, mine was the last model that allowed booting into 9) Panther and jaguar. For my live video work I'll have to resort to Jaguar, the diference is HUGE.

so she's now fresh as a lettuce, with her HD all freed up and the OSes just freshly installed. It does feel dumb to have Panther and Jaguar installed, buit it's my only choice for now (it's like having Windows ME and Xp in the same machine :P). Luckily I could strip down Jaguar to (just/??!! hell!) one gig, and I can manually strip it more if I want.

LOL! You did the watch+cellphone spymac thing! I also realize you apreciate booty as much as my cousin

I guess that, for retaliating the spymac crap, I'll have to do the absolute bummest setup ever. Tomorow I'll post it
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