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Re: Amiga is it worth it

Originally posted by Frank
I’ll appreciate some advice. I’m considering buying a Amiga setup, (an 1200 or 4000) does the Amiga have any software not available for the PC or Macintosh platforms that can be classed as being "killer applications" of real worth. Also is Internet connectivity an easy task on the Amiga, what modem manufactures are re recommended and browser software to use.

And can anybody suggest good shareware software sites for the Amiga.
I have three words for you Frank that make the Amiga worth it, Video Toaster 4000! Sure you can get a Video Toaster for the PC if you have about $10,000 for a system that handle it including the Toaster card. Amiga Video Toasters can be had for as little as $75 or for free if your a programmer.
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