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Ok, Iīll try to answer the first part of your post too

With a good equipped Amiga setup (and I do NOT mean an out-of-the-box A4000 for example) you will not come accross ANY so called "Killer-App"

Well, you may be able to do the same things as you do with your Mac/PC system but most things are a lot slower .....

For example thereīs still no Office Pack available for Amiga .... and still no Amiga Browser with Java etc.

If you want to buy an Amiga to REPLACE your Mac/PC .... just donīt do it because you will be disappointed for sure .....

I have done this, since my PC broke down, Iīm currently only using my old, trusty A2000 with 060 CPU and my A4000 with 040 CPU but itīs a lot fiddling around with slow and incompatible Software ....

I can of course listen to mp3īs and watch movies, but the quality and speed is a bit ...... uhmmmmm ...... bad ....

And of course I can play games, but Iīm limited to one or two new games that come out in a year ..... thatīs not the point for me cause I love playing the old games on my A500 anyway

In my opinion, working with an Amiga is still more fun than working with MacOS/Linux/Windows but you need to be stress proved and you must be able to spend a LOT of money to get a REALLY FAST Amiga system (PPC, PCI, USB, whatever) .......

An Amiga is a good computer, but if you want it to replace any other Computer setup ..... you really have to be an Amiga Fanatic
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