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Originally posted by Akira
It's no symetry axis, a bit of the text is being reflected on the "floor"!
I contradict: it *IS* a symmetry axis!
(even though the mirrored text is not "finished" because of the limited space!)

Because, if it *WAS* a reflection and the text was to be regarded as if set on edge, the angle of incidence wouldn't be 180°, but rather an obtuse angle [say, about 110°], with the end of the lower leg pointing to the left, because of 3D projection on the water surface (resp. on the floor).
Got it?
Moreover, lines forming the letters in the mirrored image must be TALLER and narrower than original!
(Look at the loooong shadow you will cause on the street when the sun shines on your head! )

You have a bad eye for ascii art eh?
Yes, damnit, especially for such cheaply-done one!
Besides, it sucks!
(I'd rather call it 'ascii fart' )

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