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Originally posted by rattus
nah - hardly any games use an FPU, it's only really useful for new demos... if you like that stuff

errrm... I would'nt try putting a x86 FPU on there! since its a 680xx CPU system! :rollseyes

on second thoughts, try it out - I could do with a laugh

EDIT before post: hehe, I should try *reading* what you say before making smart-assed posts... but I'll leave it here just for fun
Reading the post before commenting would be smart

The 40mhz 386 fpu was pretty rare, I originally purchased one for my state of the art 386 and it was a few hundred dollars at the time and sped up EXCEL spreadsheets quite a bit. I was lucky enough to find a 386/40 amd motherboard with FPU last year for my retro PC game box. I think the FALCON series of games were the only ones that even used the FPU for anything just like it was the first to use dual cpu's.

Of course I dont think it would fit in a 68030/50 board unless you use a hammer and dont mind smoke when powerd up. The fastest 68030 used on the mac was 40mhz (on the IIfx) so finding a 50mhz fpu there wont happen.
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