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The new version is available here:

List of changes:
-Noah game from Sensei-Sama included in the projects.
-Now you can use multiple spritesheets, still when slicing them some frames can move or be overlapped. To be improved in future versions.
-REDPILL player now supports Version from AmigaOS and -version parameter
-Executable files now use Shrinkler 4.6.
-Now when using RPPlayer from cli if no parameter is given can get it from the icon.
-Audio is restored (faulty in 7.8)
-Optimization: now non visible objects have animation logic deactivated.
-Optimization: less memory used when enemies collide option is not activated.
-Last opened projects logic improved.
-Adding support for number formatting in HUD, use 0s to specify the number of digits to use.

As with Shrinkler the executable files are smaller but take longer to decrunch, I kept also the executables crunched with the old packer.
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